Chilled and hygienic warehousing and distribution companies have specific requirements to ensure productivity is maintained whilst temperature and contamination is controlled. In addition, these are often areas of very high traffic and so reliable and safe products are essential.

Whatever the need, we’ve got the solution

Rapidor Impact High Speed Doors

Rapidor Food Speed Door

Our speed door range designed for use in food preparation & wash-down areas

Rapidor Freeze High Speed Freezer Doors Cold room door

Rapidor Freeze High Speed Freezer Door

A specialist dual-curtain high speed freezer door

Rapidor Air High Speed Freezer Doors - Layout of Cold room door

Rapidor Freeze Air

The ultimate freezer door combining a dual curtain speed door with an air curtain system

Rapidor Dupli Combination High Speed Door

Rapidor Dupli Combination Door

A self-repairing speed door and an insulated roller shutter in the same frame, combining speed, insulation & security

Rapidor Spiral Insulated High Speed Door commercial roller shutter door

Rapidor Spiral Insulated Speed Door

A high speed insulated aluminium door giving speed, security & insulation in one door

sliding cold room doors

Thermidor Sliding Chiller & Freezer Doors

Advanced sliding doors designed to provide superior levels of insulation performance

Thermidor Hinged Chiller & Freezer Doors

Advanced hinged doors designed to provide superior levels of insulation performance

sectional roller shutter door with air curtain

Thermashield Air Curtains

Air curtain systems to provide airflow separation when doorways are open

Rollashield SD (Sectional Overhead Industrial Door

Rollashield Sectional Doors

Insulated sectional overhead doors for excellent insulation on external openings

Rollashield CD Compact Sectional Overhead Door

Rollashield Stacking Sectional Door

Insulated stacking sectional door, ideal for openings with limited headroom

grey rapid speed door

Rapidor Impact Speed Door

A self-repairing speed door designed for high-usage doorways

Rapidor Sprint Bi-Parting Fast Action Door commercial roller shutter door

Rapidor Sprint Bi-parting Speed Door

Bi-parting speed door giving very high opening speeds for high traffic doors

Prodok - Telescopic Dock Leveller to Loading Bay

Prodok Dock Levellers

Hydraulic and mechanical dock levellers for all loading applications

speed doors in Uk

Prodok Dock Shelters

A range of different dock shelter to improve temperature and hygiene control when the loading dock is in use

hdpe bollards and barriers

Prosafe Internal Barriers & Bollards

A range of high density polyethylene (HDPE) barriers - corrosion resistant, easy to clean and hygienic

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7 Tips from Tekta on how to help prevent damage to your high-use speed doors – read on

I am really impressed with the quality and design of the doors from Tekta. I have found the overall experience with Tekta great from start to finish and have been very impressed by the team. They have a good transparent approach and provide a high quality customer services, which is what we were looking for. I would thoroughly recommend Tekta to anyone in the temperature-controlled storage industry

Operations Director, Chilled Storage Group

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