As leading industrial door suppliers, we have a selection of doors for multiple solutions, such as hygiene control, temperature control, and fire resistance.

What kind of doors might be needed in a vertical farm?

In a vertical farm, hygiene will be a main priority to ensure the safety of crops. We recommend stainless steel doors because stainless steel doors are:

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Easy to wash down & clean
  • Durable and long-lasting

Vertical farms may also benefit from high-speed doors that can speed up general productivity and efficiency. High-speed doors (also known as rapid doors) can also help to reduce energy loss and save on heating or cooling areas. Keep your farm at the ideal temperature with the correct industrial door. You may also need airtight, or hermetically sealed doors in a hydroponic or aeroponic food factory.

For vertical farming projects, we’ve used a mixture of our Sanidor Glide door, Thermidor Chill door, and Rapidor Food door. 

What equipment is needed to build a vertical farm?

Standard vertical farming equipment includes:

  • Grow racks
  • Shelving systems
  • LED lights
  • Robotic machinery
  • Fertilisers and fertilisation systems
  • Irrigation systems
  • Air sterilisation system
  • Monitoring and control systems
  • Hygienic doorways

What is vertical farming?

Vertical farming is a technique of farming in which plants are produced in a controlled environment in which vast trays of plants are stacked on top of each other in stacked levels.

Plants are fed by constant water exchange and fertilisers instead of soil. Roots of plants in vertical farms are usually stronger and healthier than those grown in normal dirt.

Furthermore, vertical farms provide larger yields of healthy crops that are always protected with the proper temperatures and are pesticide and insecticide free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do hygienic industrial doors really matter when it comes to vertical farming?

Yes, hygiene and food safety are paramount when growing crops. Safe doorways ensure that harmful pests or bacteria don’t enter areas where they may cause harm.

How can I reduce the chance of contamination in vertical farms?

Vertical farms will benefit from regular cleaning and regular food factory hygiene protocols. Windows and doors that are made with stainless steel and are flush will be easier to clean than standard doors which can trap moisture and become a hazard.

Do vertical farms need to be insulated or cooled?

Yes, farms can benefit from having a steady temperature that is optimal for plants to grow in. Airtight or hermetically sealed doors can help with this.


What are the benefits of vertical farming?

  • Up to 80% less water than outdoor farming
  • Improved crop harvest all year round
  • Opportunity to use zero pesticides or harmful chemicals
  • Reduced carbon footprint as food can be grown more locally
  • No chance of fertiliser running into local waterways and disrupting local biodiversity
Thermashield SL with piperail track industrial steel door

Thermashield Door - Insulated Hinged Door

The door leaves are packed with high-density PU foam (CFC-free) for maximum energy efficiency. To complement the wall construction and optimize the doors’ energy efficiency, the door frames can be made of extruded thermoplastic, PU foam-filled (CFC-free) steel, or stainless steel.

Traffidor Swing - Double Swing Hygienic Door

A double swing door designed for hygiene-controlled areas with heavy traffic, high pedestrian and/or pallet truck traffic. Easy to use operation and providing reliable performance.

Sanidor Glide - Sliding Hygienic Door

 All joints are fully welded which ensure the doors are very rigid and also prevents ingress of any bacteria or fluids inside the leaf. The doors are a great choice for a wide variety of internal and external applications in hygiene-critical areas.

Rapidor Food - High Speed Self Repairing Door

A rapid-rise door designed to meet & exceed the rigorous cleanliness requirements of food process environments. Full wash-down construction, corrosion-resistant materials including a PE version.

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fullers industrial roller door for brewery

Rapidor Impact for Griffin Brewery

Fuller, Smith Turners iconic Griffin Brewery is a London landmark dating back to 1828 and still runs as London last remaining family brewery. We were called to site to review how we could solve some issues they had with their loading doors.

Rapidor Impact for Griffin Brewery

From day 1 Tekta have been professional; including a detailed site survey and the provision of a full schedule of works for the maintenance and necessary remedial works. This has helped me to demonstrate due diligence and thorough maintenance for the doors onsite . The service from Tekta has been perfect.

Operations Manager, Food Manufacturer

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