Looking for an engineer to fix your industrial roller shutter door?

Forklifts and other accidents can cause damage to your doors. Get them swiftly fixed to avoid energy loss and avoid compromising a hygienic environment.

If Tekta was the original installer of your door, let your case manager know you have an issue with a door down. We’ll aim to have someone on-site within 24 hours. If your door was installed by someone else, we still aim to provide you with a speedy 24-hour service – just let one of our team members know a bit more about your existing industrial door so that we can order the correct supplies to service it.

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Repair your roller shutter door

Tekta works with 15 engineering bases across the UK, meaning we can service almost everywhere in England. We have door repair engineers in Hampshire, Bristol, Rochester, Peterborough, Kettering, Leicester, Leicester and Glasgow.

If you have a damaged industrial door, roller shutter or rapid-speed door get in touch with Tekta today.

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Check out some recent pictures of damaged doors that Tekta was asked to replace.

These doors present a major health and safety risk, so it is important to make sure that none of your own doors are in a similar condition.

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Do your doors look like this?

If your doors are old and broken or have issues, you may benefit from getting them serviced or replaced. Tekta can help. Please contact us to see how we can assist in improving the safety of your food factory, pharmaceutical lab, or other property.

Get in touch with a team member to look at your damaged industrial door.


From day 1 Tekta have been professional; including a detailed site survey and the provision of a full schedule of works for the maintenance and necessary remedial works. This has helped me to demonstrate due diligence and thorough maintenance for the doors onsite . The service from Tekta has been perfect.

Operations Manager, Food Manufacturer

Talk to our Tekta Team: 0330 7000 333


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