Reliable fire-rated secure internal and external doors.

The safety and security of your property, products and, most critically, people are of the utmost importance to your business and ours. That’s why you can be confident in Tekta’s extensive range of fire-rated and fire-proof secure doors for internal and external applications.

From hinged and sliding secure doors, to robust curtains and shutters, we have a fire-rated solution to suit every industry and requirement. Extensively fire-tested to British and European standards, our doors are the sensible choice for businesses across the continent.

A solution for every application.

Secure your premises and people confidently by choosing a fire-rated door solution from Tekta today.

fire resistant curtain

Pyrodoor Flex Fire Curtain

Fire curtain offering up to 4 hours fire integrity for internal doorways

fire roller shutters

Pyrodoor Fireroll

Fire-rated roller shutters offering up to 4 hours protection for a wide variety of applications

acoustic soundproof industrial door in white

Traffidor M-Series

Built with durability in mind, the Traffidor M-Series provides fire-rated & airtight performance

grey secure industrial door

Traffidor Secure

The Traffidor Secure range provides a robust fire-rated secure exterior door solution

grey industrial door with kickplate

Traffidor Pass

Internal fire-rated doors suitable for personnel doorways in firewalls

Satisfied clients include:


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loading bay and dock shelter installation

Multiple Loading Bays for Port of Dover

multiple loading bay doors and supporting equipment required for a new, multi-purpose refrigerated cargo terminal

Multiple Loading Bays for Port of Dover

Would definitely recommend Tekta…. They do a great job every time, always there and never any problems. I like to work with them

Maintenance Engineer, Food Manufacturer

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