Specialist chiller sliding doors.

Designed specifically for temperature-controlled facilities, the Thermidor Chill range of specialist sliding doors deliver outstanding performance, durability and insulation.

Purpose-built to minimise energy wastage and transfer, the door leaves have a monobloc design with a welded steel envelope and injected foam core. This offers exceptional stability and insulation performance. The fully welded and seamless finish is also far superior for hygiene & durability to alternative designs that use a two part leaf design.

The doors are available in manual and electric models and a broad assortment of ironmongery options for robust performance, even with repeated heavy traffic.

The chiller sliding doors that do more.

The Thermidor Chill range of insulated cold room sliding doors are built to provide your business with a flexible, customisable solution.

That’s why you can explore a broad range of options to maximise the benefits for your specific use case.

The range provides various finishing options, including stainless steel, colour laminated and different colour coatings. These finishes offer superior hygiene performance and erosion resistance.

A choice of track options are available, including a conventional sliding track and a pipe-rail system for ease of wash-down. It is also possible to facilitate crane hoists and conveyor systems with bespoke track designs.

Key features/benefits

The Thermidor Chill goes the distance for your business.

  • Fully sealed sliding door that delivers exceptional insulation and temperature control
  • Certified U-Values to 0.46W/m2 K
  • Maintains the highest standard of hygiene with easy clean-down 
  • Safe and reliable operation that can withstand repeated use

Download the Thermidor Chill datasheet

    The install went well, the products are good quality and we were very happy with your guys work.

    Engineering Manager, Pharmaceutical Distributor

    Option Packs

    Several options are available to further tailor the performance of the door to bespoke requirements

    Stainless steel

    Upgrade to 304 or 316 grade stainless steel construction


    Upgrade to fire-rated construction for use in fire partitions

    Piperail track

    The piperail track system makes wash-down & maintenance easier

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