Airtight hermetic sealed doors for clean environments.

When hygiene and air pressure control are critical, the Sanidor Glissade range of airtight doors are up to the task.

The doors are constructed to optimise airtightness with a robust 50mm sandwich panel leaf faced with High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) giving a clean & aesthetically pleasing finish.

This means they deliver durability, high functionality and exceptional cleanliness for highly controlled environments such as hospitals and health facilities.


More than just hermetically sealed doors.

The Sanidor Glissade is built to last, and has been specifically designed to ensure safety and pressure control in highly controlled environments.

As standard, the door is automated with an infrared sensor for safety. A 600mm tubular external door handle and recessed internal door handle give means to operate the door if placed into manual mode. A wide range of automation is available including touchless switches.

Key features/benefits

The Sanidor Glissade goes the distance for your business.

  • Hermetically sealed, High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) automatic sliding doors
  • Maintains the highest standard of hygiene with easy clean-down
  • Perfect for highly controlled environments such as hospitals
  • Safe and reliable operation that can withstand repeated use
Sanidor MH Hermetic Sliding Door for Clean room - airtight door

Download the Sanidor Glissade datasheet

    Very good service, I would not even consider going anywhere else.

    Facilities Manager, Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

    Option Packs

    Fully Glazed

    Gives full vision through the door with no compromise on sealing or durability

    Acoustic Reduction

    Option for acoustic sound insulation of 34dB.

    Radiation Resistance

    Lead inlay available for radiation resistance for applications such as X-ray rooms

    Stainless Steel

    Full stainless steel construction available

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