Compact stacking sectional doors.

The Rollashield Stack compact stacking sectional door range offers a unique space-saving industrial solution for many internal and external use cases.

Suitable for warehouses, factories and more, it combines the robust insulation and airtightness you’d expect from a sectional door with the headroom requirements of a roller door.

Simply stacking at the head of the opening, the Rollashield Stack provides a safe, smooth and secure operation that can be specified for high-use openings. This also helps alleviate common issues with rolling and sliding doors, damaging performance and stability.

This intuitive design makes it simple to fit into a wide range of building plans with minimum steelwork or structural alterations.


A range of robust safety features.

The Rollashield Stack works hard to provide safety and stability for your business – giving you true peace of mind.

The doors are electrically operated via high-performance industrial motors packed with additional safety features, such as fall-safe devices, a kill switch, and manual overrides. Further control options can be specified to maximise the benefit and useability of the doors for your unique use case.

Security is reinforced with an automatic anti-lift locking device to ensure safe use all year long – even in high-traffic environments. Additionally, vision panels with slim aluminium frames provide an attractive finish and extra visibility.

Key features/benefits

The Rollashield Stack goes the distance for your business.

  • Excellent insulation performance, reducing energy loss and cost
  • Reliable and safe operation which is also very quiet
  • U-Value as low as 0.76 W/M2K, and sound reduction of 20 dB
  • Tested air permeability and water penetration of Class 2
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    Competitive price. Efficient installation

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    Option Packs

    Several options are available to further tailor the performance of the door to bespoke requirements

    Full vision panels

    Acrylic or polycarbonate full vision panels for improved visibility & aesthetics. Double glazed versions ensure insulation values are maintained

    External installation

    Upgrades including a motor & stack weather cover to allow the door to be installed externally

    Wind Load

    Upgrades including wind profiles to increase the wind resistance

    Faster Speed

    Faster opening option with upgraded motor & construction

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