Rapidor Sprint bi-parting speed doors roll to either side of the opening and provide very fast opening speeds of up to 3000mm/second to help reduce energy costs and hygiene risks, particularly for temperature controlled buildings. Bi-parting doors mean the full height of the opening is available as soon as the door starts opening which greatly reduces the risk of forklift or other traffic collision compared to a door rolling to the top of the opening. Rapidor Sprint also features an optional anti-crash system, designed to minimise damage in the event of impact by allowing the door to swing away . They are suitable for both interior and exterior use, especially used for doorways with extremely high traffic counts.

These doors are also useful for areas with low headroom availability where a traditional rolling speed door will not fit in. As standard the door frame is constructed from galvanized steel; however it can also be manufactured from stainless steel for specialist requirements such as the food industry.

The motor and controls can be supplied with IP65 ratings to allow the door to function as a wash-down door for hygiene areas. The door curtains are available in a range of colours and feature a large vision window. The doors are fully configurable with a wide selection of control and operational options available.

Key features/benefits

A unique speed door with an industry-leading open time of 3 metres per second due to its bi-parting design

  • High opening speeds of 3 metres/second
  • Lower risk of collision as full height of the doorway is available as soon as it starts opening
  • Wide range of control options
  • Safe and reliable operation
  • Suitable for high use internal & external openings
  • Anti-crash system to minimise impact damage
Rapidor Sprint

Download the Rapidor Sprint Datasheet

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    Option Packs

    Stainless steel

    Upgrade to stainless steel construction


    Crash-out system that allows the door to be easily reset after a collision

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