The Thermashield AC range are ideal for use on loading bays, factories and chillers so that forklift drivers don’t have to get out of their cabs to open and close doors, making moving from one area to another safer and more convenient. An air curtain provides 100% visibility at all times and maintains separation between zones with different temperatures, air pressures or humidity levels when doors are opened to allow traffic through.

On our standard industrial model the galvanised sheet casing and closed construction motors with self-lubricating ball bearings provide easy maintenance under the hardest of operating conditions.

A vast range of different configurations are available including vertical mounting beside the doorway and horizontal mounting above the door. Heated options are also available alongside more powerful units for the largest of doorways. Cold store versions provide a tight ambient air seal across the opening of refrigerated stores and freezers to prevent cold air from escaping and warm air from entering. This reduces operating costs by saving energy and improves the temperature and performance of the store.

Key features/benefits

  • Maintains an air seal across openings when doors are opened to reduce operating costs
  • Designed for reliable operation & easy maintenance under the hardest of operating conditions.
  • Can be configured to improve temperature, humidity or air pressure control
  • Cold store versions are essential to prevent warm air entering and causing ice build-up & operating inefficiency when doors are opened.
  • Provide 100% visibility through openings at all times
  • Can be interlocked with doors to ensure efficient operation

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