Weather-resistent sectional overhead doors.

When security, energy efficiency and weather resistance are of the utmost importance, the Rollashield Isodor delivers on all fronts. It’s an optimal solution for a wide range of external applications, including loading bays, distribution centres and workshops.

These durable qualities, paired with a simple and reliable operation, make the Rollashield Isodor a popular choice. Sectional overhead doors have the advantage of having no areas of cold bridging to satisfy Building Regulations for new builds and their thermal performance – driving energy costs down.

The doors are constructed from Kingspan FireSafe composite insulated panels, mounted on standard/high/vertical lift overhead tracks. The panels are 40mm thick and forged from 0.5mm thick zinc-coated steel skins – bonded with a CFC-free PIR foam with a density of 40kg/m3.

The Rollashield Isodor also offers exceptional air tightness – available as standard with Class 2 air-permeability or upgraded to Class 4.


A range of customisation options.

The Rollashield Isodor works hard to drive down energy costs and protect your business from the elements. With a wide selection of custom extras, you can tailor your application’s definitive sectional overhead door solution.

The doors are available with manual or motorised operation and various control methods. The head tracks can be configured to suit the headroom and roof pitch available.

The doors can also be fitted with integral personnel doors to facilitate pedestrian traffic with minimal energy loss. A wide range of vision window options delivers further safety and aesthetics, such as letting light into areas such as workshops.

Key features/benefits

The Rollashield Isodor goes the distance for your business.

  • Secure and energy-efficient sectional overheard doors for external applications
  • Constructed from Kingspan FireSafe composite insulated panels
  • Air Permeability of Class 2, Air Leakage, Water Penetration, and Wind Load of Class 3
  • Safe and reliable operation that can withstand repeated use

Download the Rollashield Isodor datasheet

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    Option Packs

    Several options are available to further tailor the performance of the door to bespoke requirements

    Bespoke track configurations

    The track design can be tailored for special requirements such as obstructions or limited headroom

    Increased speed

    Faster opening options available with upgraded design and motors

    Wind Load

    Upgrades to increase the wind resistance

    Chilled area

    Heating kit for installation in cold stores & chilled areas


    Explosion proof specification components & design

    Fire & Acoustic ratings

    Fire or acoustic rated doors are available for specialist applications

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