The ultimate range of loading dock shelters.

The Prodok Dock Shelters range deliver the most popular and reliable dock protection, with their fabric side and head seals adjusting to the lorry trailer’s size.

This helps to maintain exceptional hygiene control and reliable temperature – ridding the loading bay of rough weather and pests. Available with foam, inflatable and retractable seals, the range provides an optimal energy-saving solution as they seal tightly to the lorry and around the doorway, reducing air leakage dramatically.

Loading House with Telescopic dock leveler

Prodok LSK Foam Dock Shelter.

The Prodok LSK Foam Dock Shelter arrives with an insulated dock seal designed to reduce temperature loss/gain for loading bays with similar size vehicles.

Simple to install, low-maintenance and cost-effective, this dock seal provides exceptional insulation for temperature-controlled buildings during docking procedures.

Prodok LSI Inflatable Dock Shelter.

The Prodok LSI Inflatable Dock Shelter works hard to provide a tight seal around docked trailers and help prevent energy loss from temperature-controlled buildings.

The inflating bags are designed to retract both laterally and backwards to ensure they completely clear the vehicle, helping to reduce the risk of damage.

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Prodok LSM Retractable Dock Shelter.

The Prodok LSM Retractable Dock Shelter provides a mechanical dock shelter solution – designed for high-use loading bays to help protect against adverse weather and recoil from misaligned trailers.

Cantilever arms with pivots allow the shelter to retract away from accidental vehicle impact, whilst the roof works to drain water from either side.

Key features/benefits

The Prodok Dock Shelter range goes the distance for your business.

  • Hard-working and wearing solution to reduce energy loss during loading
  • Low maintenance and cost-effective
  • Avaliable in foam, inflatable and retractable variants to suit any application

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