What to Look For When Buying a Commercial Roller Shutter Door

Identify your needs and security requirements.

Before you start shopping for a roller shutter door, think about your needs and the necessary security requirements. Consider how many cycles a day the door might have to go through (ie how many times it will open and close per day.) You’ll also want to factor in things like additional locks, burglar bars, official seals, or accurate tracking systems which can be integrated into the roller shutter door. All of these elements will help make sure that your business is properly protected.

A Wind load of Class 2 to Class 5 is available depending on the style and application. Fire resistance ratings are also available.

Consider the opening dimensions.

Make sure that the new roller shutter door you’re purchasing is wide enough, tall enough, and strong enough to handle frequent openings. Tekta’s standard maximum size is 7500mm x 7500. For larger doorways, please get in touch with our team. Check the manufacturer specifications to get an accurate opening size according to your building and business needs. When ordering a custom-made commercial shutter, remember that there has to be some additional space for installation on either side, so bear this in mind when measuring up your desired dimensions.

Choose the right motor and control system.

The motor and control system of a commercial roller shutter are just as important as its dimensions. Look for features like manual override, wired safety edge & photocells, automatic closing, silent operation, fire safety mechanisms and remote access. Choose a model that is low-maintenance and will last you for years to come. Also bear in mind that if you want an automated system, electric motors will be more expensive than manual hand-crank systems.

Look for quality materials and insulation options.

Take the time to check whether you might benefit from an insulated roller door, like our Rapidor Dupli or Rollashield Insulated door. These doors have an environmentally friendly high density injected foam filling that provides good insulation and aids in energy conservation. The range is also available in fire-rated, anti-cut inserts, and high-speed direct-drive motor configurations.

Insulation is important if your premises contain goods that require temperature control or are based in an area with a large temperature change throughout the year. You can find doors with a range of insulation options, ranging from basic double-walled designs to triple-layer thermal aluminium models. A quality insulated door can reduce energy bills and create better airflow within the building.

Galvanized and powder-coated commercial shutter doors.

Galvanized roller shutters reduce rust issues. Our commercial roller shutters are galvanized as standard and can be powder coated to RAL colours to match either brand guidelines or surrounding settings.

Tekta carries a quality range of high specification and high-quality commercial roller shutter doors. Please get in touch with one of our team members for a tailored solution.

Our D4 Process

Tekta D4 provides expert advice to ensure an easier process for you, and all involved, from consultants and architects to the employees that will use your doors the most.

Discover – We’ll set up a short call for you to talk to one of our in-house specialists, or alternatively, you can send us an email enquiry. We’ll discover your specific needs for your new project – whether it’s a new build project, an expansion of an existing site, or the replacement of a broken or unusable door.

Our specialists will recommend the best commercial roller shutter door for your needs and find the best product for any requirement.

Define – As a highly consultative technical experts you’ll get a clear and transparent quote. Get a full picture of pricings, timescales, benefits and terms. Our proven and trusted D4 commercial roller shutter door consultancy method aims to make your decision-making as easy as possible.

Deliver – Whether it is a small repair or a full turnkey package, Tekta will deliver the completion of the project as hassle-free as possible. We’re used to working with in-house teams, contractors, or subcontractors. We’ll carefully – and deliver flawlessly.

De-risk – As well as our life-long reliability, future-proofing is a key highlight of Tekta’s service. Slow or unsuitable commercial roller shutter doors can cause major problems in manufacturing settings, such as hygiene problems, health and safety issues, or simply a drop in efficiency. Our de-risking consultancy means that you can rest assured that the doors are ideal for your requirements.

Our range below offers solutions for many external fast action door applications through different combinations of wind ratings, weather resistance, insulated construction & security:

Rapidor Spiral Insulated High Speed Door commercial roller shutter door

Rapidor Spiral Insulated Speed Door

A high speed insulated door, combining speed, security and insulation

Rapidor Impact 200 commercial roller shutter door

Rapidor Imperial

High speed PVC door, complete with self-repairing system and a Wind Class of 5

Rapidor Fold Speed Door commercial roller shutter door

Rapidor Fold External Speed Door

Folding speed doors with high wind resistance, making them a great choice for larger external openings

Rapidor Sprint Bi-Parting Fast Action Door commercial roller shutter door

Rapidor Sprint Bi-Parting Speed Doors

These doors open to the side increasing their opening speed so they are well suited to busy doorways

Rapidor Pro External Fast Action Door commercial roller shutter door

Rapidor Pro External Speed Door

Specialist fast action door, well suited to busy external doorways

Rapidor Dupli Combination High Speed Door and Insulated Roller Door commercial roller shutter door

Rapidor Dupli Combined Speed Door

A rapid roll door combined with an insulated roller shutter, all in the same frame for speed, security and insulation all in one

Rapidor Impact Self-Repairing Speed Door commercial roller shutter door

Rapidor Impact

A self-repairing speed door designed for busy traffic routes, reducing maintenance & downtime

Rapidor Impact Air High Performance Doors with Integral vertical air curtain - plan view

Rapidor Impact Air Combination Door

A unique combination of a speed door with an air curtain system for improved temperature & hygiene control

Thanks for reading, view our Internal High Speed Doors range here

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Rapidor Dupli Combination High Speed Door and Insulated Roller Door commercial roller shutter door

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