Specifying Industrial Freezer Doors!

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Specifying Industrial Freezer Doors!

Hello! Blake here from Tekta, and today we’re discussing 2 things that you should consider when specifying industrial freezer doors!


A quick note to start, the primary purpose of a freezer door is to minimize the transfer of thermal energy through a doorway. The rate of thermal transfer is determined by the U-value of a door.


So, back to our 2 considerations:

First off, let’s talk about temperature differences. Different freezers are designed for different purposes, from blast freezers running at -40 degrees Celsius, to storage freezers running at a less demanding -20 degrees. When specifying doors for a freezer, the crucial piece of information you need is the difference in temperature between one side of the doorway, versus the opposite side of the doorway. The larger the temperature difference, the greater the insulation value you will need the door to achieve.


Our second consideration is the frequency of door usage. It’s an obvious thing to say, but when a door is open it provides no insulation value whatsoever! If a doorway into a freezer is used on a frequent basis (and by the we mean several times an hour) the doorway will benefit from a high-speed freezer door like the Rapidor Freeze. The speed of these doors minimizes the amount of time the doorway is open, improving the efficiency of the freezer. In contrast, if a doorway into a freezer is only going to be opened occasionally, you will benefit from using a sliding or hinged door. The solid leaves of these doors offer a much higher insulation value when closed. However, it’s worth noting that they are slower and more difficult to operate so not suitable for high usage doorways.


Freezers are a vital part of the food and pharma industries so it’s critical to get doorway specs correct. If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to get in touch today, the Tekta team are here to help!


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