This project was carried out for a Global aluminium packaging and aerospace manufacturing company.  Tekta got involved at an early stage with this extension project for their packaging plant in Yorkshire.  We were approached by the architect for a solution for all the doors on the project, ranging from high speed doors from the logistics area to the factory, to external loading doors and various hinged doors throughout.

The Challenge

Due to various planning regulations there was a stipulation for all external doors to be acoustically rated to a minimum of 30dB sound reduction.  This included two large 4×4.2M doorways to the loading dock and an even bigger 5×4.5M door to the forklift ramp.  There were a variety of single and double hinged doors to both access routes and specialist rooms such as stores or plant rooms, many of them fire-rated, some of these required linking to the client’s access control system.  Additionally, three high speed PVC doors were required for regular forklift access between the logistics area and storage locations and the factory itself, the factory entrance in particular had a large pressure differential and the speed doors needed to be able to cope with this.

The Solution

For the external loading doors, Tekta specified Rollashield Isodoor acoustically rated sectional overhead doors, these are tested to provide 38dB sound reduction according to EN-ISO 717.  The doors included back tracks to follow the roof and the ramp access door was supplied with additional electronic safety to allow it to be operated remotely.

On the multiple hinged door locations the chosen product was our versatile Traffidor Secure doorset which is constructed from steel.  There were 10 doors supplied in total, most of which were supplied with a fire-rating of 60 minutes integrity and an acoustic rating of 23 dB sound reduction.  Some of the doors had fire escape push bars or sashlock lever handles, and several were combined with electronic locks to facilitate the access control connection.  Multiple doors were also supplied with vision windows.

The factory and storage access doorways were specified with Rapidor Pro high-speed doors, which are provided with bottom bars and wind profiles as well as captive curtains for resistance to the pressure differences.

The Results

Working with the contractor and architect Tekta supplied and installed the multiple doors on site including with assisting with the steelwork design to support the doors.  As can be seen from the photos the finished result is very tidy and most importantly the acoustic doors will be helping the Plant’s neighbours lead a peaceful life!

Feedback from the Contractor:

Calvin’s absolutely great, can’t fault him at all, honestly, really helpful, really knows what he’s doing. Was like a breath of fresh air when he came on site, he just knew what he was doing which was nice to know!
Director, Specialist Groundworks & Construction Company

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