What is a welded door frame?


Hello! Blake here from Tekta and today we’re at head office to take a look at a product sample and answer the question, “What is a welded door frame?”


If you work in the food or pharmaceutical industries, you’ll be extremely aware of the importance of keeping environments clean. This is where a welded door frame come into its own!


We’re looking here at a sample of Tekta’s Traffidor Inox, a hygienic, insulated door with a fully welded stainless-steel frame.


The first thing you’ll notice is, in contrast to a standard door-frame, there’s no gaps. This is critical for hygiene:

  • Firstly it prevents the harbouring of any contaminants.
  • And secondly, because of the continually smooth surface, it dramatically improves the ease of clean.
  • Another key benefit of the welded frame is its durability. Being one continuous frame makes the whole door unit stronger, improving the performance of the door and maximising its life-span.
  • It’s also worth noting that with welded corners and no gaps, the door just looks better!


So, there you go! If Hygiene and durability are important to you, a fully welded door frame could be the right solution for your doorway needs!

If you need help specifying or selecting doors for your project, get in touch today. The Tekta team are here to help.


Did you know the Tekta range is available on NBS?