When should a high-speed door have a vision window?



Do I need a vision window?


Hello, Blake here from Tekta and today we’re discussing vision windows in high-speed doors!

Vision windows are a simple and effective safety feature when it comes to specifying high-speed doors. In most applications, they give both personnel and MHE operators clear sight of what is happening on the opposite side of a doorway. This eliminates a major blind-spot and minimizes the risk of collision.


Which raises the question, why would you not use a vision window in a high-speed door?

High-speed doors are used in a variety of different controlled environments, and in some of these applications vision windows are simply not a good idea!

For instance, in a freezer or chiller environment a high-speed door is relied on to control temperature differences between zones. Vision windows are constructed from a thin transparent PVC which has very little insulative value. In this application the window will compromise the overall insulation value of the doorway.

In a chiller, this can lead to the formation of condensation which will drip to the floor, causing a H&S slip hazard. And in a freezer application, the vision window will ice up and often break.

So although vision windows are fantastic for ambient applications, they should be avoided where there is major temperature difference across the doorway.


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