At Tekta, we believe your story is worth telling. What better way to do it than with a professional video created by us, for you?

Sample a recent video:


Why make a video with Tekta?

Our team is proud of the work we’ve done together and think you should be too! Help us tell the story, showcasing both our work and your business.

Highlight a successful project you managed.

Showcase your business and premises.

Benefit from the Tekta Reward scheme.

How does it work?

1. Kick-off Meeting

We’ll visit you, create a video plan, and address any privacy concerns. This is followed by a site tour to analyse the best camera angles.

Duration: 20 mins + tour 


2. Scoping & approval

Then it’s over to us! Our team will scope out the shoot plan and submit it to you for approval.

Duration: 1 week


3. Video Shoot!

The fun begins! Tekta use a professional video partner who will be there to capture the footage, ensuring everyone and everything is featured in the best possible light.

Duration: 1 day


4. Editing

The ball is back in our court now. Give us a couple of weeks and the first edit will be ready for review. This is shared to you on a simple interactive portal.

Duration: 2 weeks


5. Final approval & publishing

If there are any concerns with the edit shared, these will be changed and re-shared for approval. Upon completion, the video will be distributed via Tekta’s various communication channels and shared with yourselves for your own use.

Duration: 2 days


It couldn’t have been easier! Sam [lead cameraman] was really good. The interview was just like having a normal chat, and only took about 15 minutes. For the rest of the day, I gave them full run of the site and left them to it!

Darren Smith ~ Langmead Herbs



Not everything is suitable for videography! We take confidentiality seriously, nothing will be published without your full approval.

It’s not part of the day job!

Your time is valuable. We’re asking a favour, and we know it. That’s why the entire process is 100% managed by us, and completely stress-free.

Camera Fear!

Never spoken to a camera before? We know the feeling! Tekta uses professional video producers who are sympathetic and experienced in supporting presenters.

What's in it for you?

Being able to share videos with our clients is tremendously valuable for us. But what’s in it for you?

The video!

This video is for you, as much as it is for us. An mp4. file will be shared with you for your own use.

Tekta Reward scheme

Including a range of sweet treats, high quality Tekta merch and a £100 gift card for each spoken testimonial that makes the final cut.

Contact us today to book your kick-off meeting!