The project was carried out for a AA+ grade BRCGS accredited site, responsible for the production and delivery of quality bread products to UK supermarkets. After managing the maintenance and repair of their industrial doors for a number of years, Tekta was pleased to be entrusted with the delivery of this improvement project. Our long-standing relationship with the customer enabled successful project delivery.

The Challenge

The smooth running of site operations were repeatedly disrupted by damage to the loading bay roller shutters. The four existing insulated roller shutters did not operate quickly enough for the day-to-day operation of the site, resulting in costly reoccurring impact damage. Damage to one loading bay would put it out of action, allowing rodent ingress and increasing operational pressure on the remaining three doorways. Over time, it was evident that the existing doors were not fit for purpose and another solution was required to guarantee a successful business operation into the future.

The Solution

Tekta proposed a solution using four of our Rapidor Impact speed doors. With an opening speed of up to 2.0m/s and a self-repairing curtain, the product successfully met the client’s requirements by increasing the speed and efficiency of the loading operation whilst guaranteeing a reduction in repair costs.

The Results

Our installation teams worked over four weekends in order to deliver a turn-key package of supporting steel-work and 4 Rapidor Impact speed doors, without causing disruption to the business. Upon completion and project sign-off the loading bays benefitted from increased efficiency, reduced operating cost and improved pest control.

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