Superior sliding hygiene doors

The Sanidor Glide range of sliding hygiene doors are purpose-built to provide exceptional cleanliness and performance in hygiene-critical areas, such as laboratories, clean rooms and pharmaceutical factories.

Suitable for internal and external applications, the doors are constructed from high-grade steel leaves with a high-density injected foam core. All joints are fully welded, ensuring the doors are rigid and preventing the ingress of bacteria or fluids inside the leaf.

Each door is uniquely manufactured for the project in question and is tailored to the environment, wall thickness and traffic flow.


More than just sliding hygiene doors.

The Sanidor Flow offers more than just reliable hygiene performance for your business. With each specific door built to suit your requirements, there are a range of options for you to explore.

The frame are typically forged from stainless steel, and can be constructed with a wrap-around design to create a hygienic reveal detail.

The doors are available sliding to one side, or with two leaves and bi-parting. The doors arrive manually operated and are incredibly simple to use, but can be upgraded to fully automated doors which come with various connection settings.

Stainless steel kickplates can be added to help prevent damage to the door leaves.

Key features/benefits

The Sanidor Glide goes the distance for your business.

  • Sliding hygiene doors which deliver exceptional cleanliness and performance
  • Maintains the highest standard of hygiene with easy clean-down
  • Perfect for hygiene-critical areas such as laboratories and clean rooms
  • Safe and reliable operation that can withstand repeated use

Download the Sanidor Flow datasheet

    Very good service, I would not even consider going anywhere else.

    Facilities Manager, Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

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