Rollashield steel roller doors provide a strong, efficient and budget saving security solution for a range of opening applications. They are constructed from heavy-duty 75mm, curved steel lath and can be manufactured to large sizes making them a popular solution to secure doorways for a wide range of environments, including non-insulated warehouses, workshops and agricultural buildings.

The roller shutters can incorporate perforations or punchings for through-vision and are available in standard galvanised finish or are in a large range of powdercoat or plastisol colours. They can have motorised operation by 3-phase direct-drive motors, and a wide range of automation options such as remote control, key switch, rocker switch and group control can be utilised for ease of operation. If preferred, they can alternatively be manually operated with a chain hoist.

Key features/benefits

  • Minimal side & headroom requirements
  • 75mm curved steel lath
  • Can be finished to wide range of colours
  • Motorised operation
  • Durable budget-friendly option
  • External or internal use
  • Range of control options available
  • CE marked

Competitive price. Efficient installation

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