Rollashield Max Rubber industrial roller door shutters are the ultimate solution to issues with damaged and corroded metal shutters. The heavy duty rubber with a reinforced core has a lifetime warranty and is far more durable than fabric or metal doors. The side guides are constructed from heavy gauge steel with low-friction HDPE inserts to ensure maximum lifetime performance. Rubber doors are flexible yet strong, making them the perfect solution for areas of heavy dirt or corrosion, high traffic, extreme weather and for regular usage. The doors are available with a range of operating options including manual hand chain or motorised with heavy duty three-phase motors. They can also be supplied with an inverter motor offering high speed operation up to 1000mm/second to provide the ultimate heavy-duty speed door.

The doors have a break-away system so they are easily mended within minutes after a vehicle impact, increasing efficiency and productivity. They are simply and easily maintained with no hinges, cables or wheels as well as the fact the door curtain is constructed from one sheet of rubber, rather than separate slats. When the long-term cost of broken and damaged doors in extreme environments is calculated in terms of repair costs, door replacements, employee productivity or doorway downtime, Rollashield Max rubber roller door shutters provides fast return on investment.


Key features/benefits

The Max rubber door provides the ultimate doorway solution for harsh environments, providing greatly improved longevity & reliability over alternatives

  • Corrosion proof & optimised for extreme environments
  • Can withstand winds up to 88 miles per hour
  • Minimal moving parts, reducing maintenance
  • Anti-crash and self-repairing feature
  • Reliable at very high and low temperatures
  • Range of control options available
  • Rubber material has life-time warranty
  • Side guides constructed from heavy gauge steel for maximum durability

Very good service, I would not even consider going anywhere else.

Engineering Manager, Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

Option Packs

Stainless steel

Upgrade to stainless steel construction


Crash-out bottom rail to allow the door to be manually reset into the guides in the event of an impact

Wind Load

Upgrades include steel wind pressure bars to increase the wind resistance

Faster Speed

Faster opening option

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