Rapidor Pharma’s high performance features and speed make it a very popular choice for internal doorways where segregation is required for hygiene or pressure control. In order to meet clean room standards the doors come with an anti-static curtain and grade 304 or 316 stainless steel frame. The frame can also be constructed from galvanised steel in self-finish or powder coated to a range of colours.

The motor and controls are built within the frame, offering a neat and hygienic finish. The doors are tested to provide air-permeability of <12m3/m2h at 50Pa and are designed to perform well with the pressure differentials often found in clean rooms.

The high speed operation of up to 2000mm/second helps to maximise productivity when in use and also improves the hygiene by ensuring the openings are kept sealed as much of the time as possible. The doors have an optional innovative zipper self-repairing system which allows the curtain to automatically re-insert itself after collision, helping to greatly reduce ongoing maintenance costs.

Key features/benefits

High performance features and speed make Rapidor Pharma excellent for use in clean room environments

  • Low air permeablity
  • Fast, efficient action
  • Suitable for areas of high traffic
  • Impact proof and self-repairing
  • Range of finishes and colours
  • Wide range of control options
  • Safety edges, photo cells & soft bottom edge to ensure operator saftey

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Option Packs

Options available for the Rapidor Pharma range include the below

Stainless steel

Upgrade to 304 or 316 grade stainless steel construction

Anti-crash self-repairing system

Innovative self-repairing system means that if the door curtain is hit by traffic then it will automatically reinsert itself back into the tracks when next operated.

Emergency Opening

Counterweight or UPS battery back-up system to allow the door to open for escape in a power failure

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Rapidor Impact blue high speed door with vision panels

Case Study - Rapidor Pharma Doors for GKN Aerospace

Working with GKN Aerospace, a world-leading manufacturer of aerospace engines and components, we provided several Rapidor Pharma doors for controlled clean rooms at a new site they were building for a joint venture with Rolls Royce.

High Speed Doors for GKN Aerospace

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