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Jethro Moggach

Jethro Moggach

December 19th, 2019

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Making a serious business investment isn’t something that can be done quickly, yet so many businesses stop their investment when the purchase is complete.

Wouldn’t it pay to protect your investment?

The Tekta Lifelong plan has been created to ensure that you can continue to rely on your assets to work as they should – and to prevent needless expensive repairs.

The most effective approach to taking care of your investment is to put in place a proper annual servicing and maintenance programme. Every Any business understands how important this is to operations but delivering what your customer needs, when they need it, will take precedence every time. With the Tekta Lifelong plan, our service visits include a comprehensive inspection of all aspects of the door and its operation, with time taken to investigate around the areas that we know are more likely to fail from wear and tear or damage. If your doors or rollers docks need further work or repairs, we’ll detail the changes needed but we won’t do the work before you approve it. We only use highly skilled Tekta engineers, who have extensive experience and knowledge of our range of products, so they’re best placed to work with our products.

Each service is completed with an extensive report into every product and includes any engineer recommendations on further works required to ensure that your doors and rollers docks continue to meet standards. With legislation placing the duty of care on building owners and occupiers to make sure doors and ancillary equipment are maintained to high standards and failure to do opening up the company to prosecution, it means that one of the most important elements of the Lifelong Plan is the service certificate that is issued to certify that your doors have been fully inspected and maintained.

Even the best laid plans can go wrong from time to time and, while our Lifelong Plan can help to minimise breakdowns and emergencies, we do recognise that it does happen. With the Tekta Lifelong plan, help is a phone call away and as a trusted, familiar supplier, we’ll make sure that your issue is addressed as a priority. Left to chance and another unknown emergency engineer, they may not be in a position to work to get to you within 24 hours. – WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? The Tekta Lifelong Plan has been developed to ensure that emergency callouts and repairs are as cost-effective and hassle free as possible. We’ll be with you within a day, with engineers who are skilled and experienced enough to fix most issues on the spot. Any parts required and charges will be raised and approved with you.

At Tekta UK, we believe in delivering the best outcome that we possibly can for our clients. You can see that we’re dedicated to meeting your needs through the range of products that we have, as well as our Customer Service Team, but giving clients the best possible value for money is also critical to our company philosophy. To show our appreciation for our Tekta Lifelong customers, we are delighted to give you our exclusive ’20/20/20′ offer. ’20/20/20′ gives you 20% off the cost of callout charges, 20% off our hourly rates for carrying out repairs and 20% off the list price of standard parts, so you can count on speedy, cost-effective repairs.

The Lifelong Plan offers:

  • Detailed Inspection and Service at agreed intervals (annually, 6-monthly, etc)
  • Full Inspection Reports on each door
  • Certification that servicing has been carried out to provide evidence of health & safety compliance.
  • Free reminders that servicing is due, by phone or email.
  • 20% discount on replacement parts, callout charges & hourly rates for repairs and extra work
  • Response to emergency callouts and repairs within 24 hours, ensuring minimum downtime.
  • A dedicated account manager to provide a consistent, friendly point of contact

As part of the Lifelong Plan, you’ll get 24/7 access to your company profile on the Lifelong website, where you can access service records, user guides and log calls for urgent repairs or callouts.

You may also want to upgrade to the Premium Package, which offers a service and maintenance plan tailored to your needs and can include extra items such as bespoke reactive maintenance records, door schedules or guaranteed response times to callouts.

We recognise that for many customers on-going care and support is just as important as the products themselves and the inconvenience and expense caused by doors failing or damage – that’s why we want to help you minimise these risks.

Contact Us today if you would like to receive a quotation on the servicing and maintenance of your doors.


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