Industrial doors with a ‘K’ logo

Blake Drysdale

Blake Drysdale

March 12th, 2024

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The ‘K’ logo!


If you’re familiar with controlled environments like food factories, pharmaceutical factories and battery manufacturing facilities, it’s likely that you will have spotted a ‘K’ logo on an industrial door!


So what is it? … What does it mean?


As shown in the image above, the ‘K’ symbol is extracted from the TEKTA logo and is used as an identification icon. Think of it as a seal of quality, Tekta’s stamp of approval on the door.


At Tekta, our mission is to “make life easy for people that care about their doorways,” high quality products are at the heart of this mission.



Do you need help designing, installing or maintaining industrial doorways? You’re in the right place! Contact the team here, or follow this link to browse the range.




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