This project was carried out for a global leader in sterilization, responsible for safeguarding the health of people across the world including the NHS at a critical time during the Covid-19 pandemic.  The initial enquiry came in May 2020 during the height of Covid lockdown, the order was placed in late July with a five week lead in period to complete the project in the client’s early September shutdown.  The project was carried out on time, on budget and with amazing customer feedback… read on for more information.

The Challenge

The area in question featured 10 chambers currently fitted with steel roller shutters, these were in dire need of replacement and the client asked us to attend site to propose a solution.  The doors needed to communicate with the AGV (Automatically Guided Vehicle) system which the client had in operation.  Also due to the nature of the processes there was a very narrow window of opportunity to carry out the installation (1 week).  There was also very limited sideroom to fit the doors and control panels.  Additionally the doors needed to be impact-resistant (self-repairing) as the client had had issues in the past with damage.

The Solution

Tekta proposed a solution using our Rapidor Impact self-repairing speed doors.  These were to be complete with bespoke brackets to mount the motors, overcoming the lack of sideroom.  The doors have robust side columns and hood/motor covers manufactured from galvanized steel. Rapidor Impact doors have zipper side guides allowing them to self-repair in the event of a forklift impact.  After some careful consultation with our operational and manufacturing teams we were also able to guarantee the lead times and installation times to achieve the client’s critical deadlines.

The Results

Three installation teams were scheduled for the project with the task of removing the 10 old roller doors, and installing the 10 replacement Rapidor Impact speed doors, leaving them fully commissioned by the end of the week.  In the event this was achieved in four days with an amazing result all round.  As always Tekta requested feedback from the client and were pleased to recieve not only a perfect 10 score but this glowing testimonial:

Really satisfied with the recent 10 speed door installation.  Great response times, helpful staff and good effort.  Amazing job by the Tekta team.

Maintenance Manager, Industrial Sterilization Specialist

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