The Challenge

Dover docks needed numerous doors for their new site. Doors had to be able to meet hygiene specifications, whilst also being energy efficient in both terms of speed and temperature as the area is temperature controlled.

Other internal and external doors were also needed for traffic flow and fire safety. Dock levellers were the main requirement for the efficient loading and unloading of goods in the new facility. Wheel guides and Wheel chocks were also added as extra safety precautions. HDPE bollards were also a requirement for the easy safeguarding of areas.

The Solution

Working with the Dover Harbour Board on the design, Tekta was able to outfit the whole facility with specialised doors. Equipment in loading bays was galvanised for durability in the marine environment.

We offered a comprehensive solution that was suited to the facility’s individual requirements, ensuring that all areas remained safe and secure. Our doors are built to last with our Lifelong guarantee. They also have great insulating capabilities, allowing the facility to maintain the optimum temperature in each location.


This large-scale project required a range of doors for different requirements. Tekta was able to consult and advise the Dover Harbour Board to deliver a whole package of doors, dock levellers, and added safety features. High-speed doors, thermal doors, fire-resistant doors and sectional doors were all used to fulfil the brief.

Attention was given to the internal layout to incorporate traffic flow, with
purpose-driven doors installed externally and internally. With efficient and easy-to-use doors, Dover Harbour can now handle trade to the value of £122bn a year.

The Buckingham Group had never worked with Tekta before, but after the successful completion of this project and seeing the quality of the products, we wouldn’t hesitate to use them again

Maintenance Manager, Industrial Sterilization Specialist

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