What is a loading house?


What is a Loading House?

Hello! Blake here from Tekta and today we’re discussing Loading Houses. What are they, and when should you use one?

Loading houses are a neat solution that combines a dock leveller, loading bay door and dock shelter, mounted on a cladded steel frame and installed on the outside of a building.



So what are they for?


Firstly, a loading house can be used to maximise internal floor-space. Picture a busy warehouse or factory where every inch of space inside is vital. Instead of installing dock leveller inside (taking up valuable space) a loading house allows us to install a dock outside the building. This neat solution helps to maximize the internal area for more productive use.


Secondly, a loading house can be used to maximise external yard-space. If the site has limited space externally, loading houses can be installed at an angle. This is particularly useful for optimizing how lorries use the available yard space. By positioning loading houses at strategic angles, lorries can manoeuvre more efficiently, saving time and reducing congestion. It’s all about making the most of every square foot available!


Finally, a loading house is an excellent solution for maximising hygiene control in sensitive environments (like those found in the food or pharmaceutical industries). Standard dock levellers are known for creating rodent ingress points, due to their design. Because loading houses are mounted externally, these ingress points are completely eliminated. This allows us to better control the internal environment, maintaining higher hygiene standards.


So there you have it, 3 reasons why a loading house might be the right solution for your loading bay needs!

If you have any questions about maximizing loading bay productivity, get in touch with the Tekta team today, we’re here to help!


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